Tomato, Outdoor

Tomato, Outdoor
Diet and Exercise Plan?

Ok so I have made a healthy diet plan

breakfast – a cup of coffee and oatmeal
lunch- salad with tomatoes and chicken, a piece of fruit, granola bar, water

snack – raisin bread and propel

dinner – some kind of protien, vegetables, and grains

does this sound like a good plan? give me some tips if you think it could use improvement.

i am sorta fit but kinda lazy and “exercising for 30 minutes” i get bored and dont know what to do so can someone come up with an exercise plan for me, indoor or outdoor, no running, that is 5 – 6 days a week and 30 – 45 minutes long. i get bored easily so maybe about 10 different routines so that i get my heart rate up and it keeps me interested. just basic exersicing, no videos either.

sorry im picky. thanks so much!
i just want to be healthy and lose 10 – 20 pounds and be in a healthy weight range for my height and age.
sam k – thanx but im only 13 so i cant join

I think your diet is fine… might want to stick a banana in with your morning oatmeal, it’ll help keep you through the day better.

As for exercise plans…

– Got a jump rope? Turn on your stereo/boombox/desktop/iPod and just jump to the beat. You have to do an entire song to challenge yourself to start… otherwise if you can do a half hour of jumping, continue on.

– Step… find a step and start exercising on it. Nothing too steep or too close to ground level. Try

– Find a wall and get a resistance band. Band your legs and arms together and stretch.

РSit-ups and push-ups are old and clich̩, but they do work your abs, shoulders and arms nicely. To make it a little less trivial and more fun, lie flush with a wall and attempt sit-ups that way or else place something across your stomach.

– No running? Got a bike? Try riding it. If you challenge yourself to try a mile, you might feed yourself a cookie. It doesn’t hurt to bribe yourself.

– Inline skates… find a parking lot and go to town. If there are cars, all the better to challenge yourself with. Just make sure you don’t smash into anything.

– Make your parent/sibling/friend go outside with you and toss a frisbee or a ball around. Good idea to work out your back, shoulders and arms.

– Dance… kick up and tunes and just let loose.

One step to stay motivated is to challenge yourself, either by bribing yourself or one-upping yourself. Eventually you will find something you like doing.

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