How long will fresh spinach last in the fridge before it does bad? What is its shelf-life?

I am a student and we have a bunch of fresh spinach sitting in the fridge. It has been there for 9 days now. Our fridge is set to 4 degrees celcius (39 F). Is it still good to eat? I don’t want to poison my flatmates! I intend to cook it in a pasta dish.

well it depends on how fresh it was when you bought it. If it has no brownish tint to it and its not in s slimy feeling , and it still smell good then it should be fine. Another way to see if it is good is to taste it , and if it tastes yukky then don’t eat it. But If it was bad and u did eat it , you wont get sick , its a vegetable, so the worst thing that would happen is you would get the runs once and that’s pretty much it. Unless you do cross contamination. then you can get sick , but that can happen with any kind of food fresh or not. SO just take a look at it and see. But To tell you the truth if you are asking then I assume it doesn’t look to good , and you should just toss it. Unless you are just worried and haven’t prepared it before.
Have fun , and enjoy. U can use something else with your dish if u cant use that. Like asparagus , or broccoli , or even caned veggies. or just toss the Pasta with fresh garlic and butter and extra virgin olive oil. and that is good just by its self. with maybe some kind of chicken or steak .

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