If I ship a box of potato chips to the Philippines by USPS express by aircraft will the bags explode?

I heard a myth that potato chip bags can explode when shipped by aircraft. I was thinking of making a gift box of American potato chips & snacks to ship to my Fiance in the Philippines. I wanted to mail it USPS express- which is by aircraft. So will the bags be fine? Silly Question I know! But I will be grateful for replies! Thanks!

I fly private jets. There are sometimes bags of chips on board but it was only last week that we had them expand to perhaps twice their normal size. We got them just b4 takeoff and they were in the cabin and in the cockpit. They were not from one of our usual caterers, but were from a Subway. We were at 43,000 feet with a cabin altitude of about 7,000 to 7,500 feet. It was fun, actually. They did not explode, but they seemed close to it. Incidentally, on most private jets, the externally loaded cargo areas are unpressurized. Also, to correct one of the answers (from student pilot) above: the cabin of a pressurized private jet will maintain sea level (or departure airport elevation) pressure to about 20,000 to 24,000 feet. The cabin pressure is not decreasing throughout the entire climb. Most of the increase in cabin altitude (decrease in cabin pressure) happens above 23,000 feet, depending on high how above that you climb to.

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