Cucumber, Outdoor

Cucumber, Outdoor
Do you grow outdoor cucumbers?

What varieties do you recommend?

I’ve had great success with a variety called ‘Moneta’ in the past but I can’t find more seeds. (If you know where I can get them do tell!) Last year I tried the popular ‘Marketmore’ but it didn’t do very well at all. What do you grow?

I’m in southern UK.

I like straight eights, or the pickling cucumbers. Maybe you can go to your local feed store and have them order you some when they are ordering the rest of their seeds.

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7 comments to Cucumber, Outdoor

  • chris

    hi just bought starter kit for cucumbers from pound land and cucumber seeds are moneta

  • roosterpotatoes

    I got my “moneta” seeds from poundland also.
    They are doing fab, have about five flowers. Do i need to take off the male flowers???

  • Gardening Year Man

    Hi Roosterpotatoes,
    Never remove the male flowers because fertilization is essential for outdoor cucumbers.
    Also if the fruits are growing on the ground place a piece of wood or tile under them to protect them from wet soil and cover them if frost is likely.

  • roosterpotatoes

    I am growing them indoors, do i need to cross fertilise them as about three of my cucumbers have just shrivelled to nothing? I have them growing up a obelisk and have pinched the top so hopefully it will not grow any taller, im just a bit worried about the tiny cukes not developing :(

  • Gardening Year Man

    Hi Roosterpotatoes,

    Your original question was related to the Outdoor Cucumbers page.
    But now you say you are growing them indoors.

    You say that three cucumbers have shrivelled up, if they were small and behind a flower then these were females and needed to be pollinated.

    If they were growing well, then shrivelled, maybe they needed more sunlight, water or food.

    But if the plant is in good health then these could be male flowers dying off or females not being pollinated in time,that is if their variety needs them to be.

    Outdoor varieties let nature pollinate them for you so if you have an outdoor plant indoors then you must do this.

    Take a look at the flowers.

    If they have mini cucumbers behind the flower then this is a female and needs to be pollinated so that a fruit can grow.

    If they have NO mini cucumbers behind the flowers then these are male flowers.

    The male flowers grow first so to energise the females you must keep the soil moist and the plant in a sunny position.

    When the females arrive and are well open, use a very small paint brush and lightly brush the open mouth of the male, then brush the collected pollen onto the females open mouth
    this will start the fruit growing process for you.

    But keep it in a sunny position and keep the soil moist, do not water the leaves though it causes mildew.

    Hope this helps.

  • roosterpotatoes

    Thank you so much for your reply. Ive since moved the plant outside into a 40 litre pot and is doing really well, i have one cuke about 3 inches long, im not sure how to tell when its ready though.
    Thanks :)

  • Gardening Year Man

    Hi Roosterpotatoes,

    Glad to hear you have moved the plant outside and that it’s doing really well.

    Once the cucumber starts to swell up remember to place a piece of wood or tile under it to protect it from wet soil and regularly feed it by watering the soil around the plant with a liquid fertilizer.

    It’s probably bigger than 3 inches now but wait until the 1st week in August to harvest it when it will probably be 8 inches or more long, nice and firm with a round end.

    Once you pick it, the plant will energize again to grow more fruit which will need to be harvested up to late September early October because of possible frosts.

    Remember when new flowers appear just go through the pollination process to quicken fertilization just in case the bees miss them.

    Hope this helps.

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