Any good ideas for cooking beetroot for adding to packed lunches?

The man won’t eat it, but it seems a shame to throw it out. Is there a good way to prepare it for packed lunches? Maybe pickled or a hard vegetable salad?

Hey Skidoo…hope what i do helps…
This is the only way my small wonder will eat beetroot…

Do you make chappatis?…they are the most basic Indian bread…
Just make a simple dough of wheat flour & water & a drop of oil…
Knead grated beetroot (any grated, spiced up veg works) into it and roast with butter on a slow fire. It does need a bit of practice to know which veg which give out water and so won’t turn well while roasting.

Here in India, we call them parathas…and they work well for a quick, nutritious packed lunch…you can have them with sauce, pickle or plain. Pack them in foil as they are best had, nice & hot.
: )

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